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Vanessa's Specialties

Vanessa specializes in a number of different areas, and she routinely sees clients make powerful changes in many parts of their lives. A few of her specialties are:

Depression & Anxiety

“I just don’t feel like myself”

Depression and anxiety can have a major impact on a person’s ability to enjoy life. You might feel sad, stressed, less interested in people or hobbies, tired, or on edge. Through Vanessa's approach to therapy, it's possible to experience brighter mood and greater relaxation in daily life. 

Sexuality, Love & Relationships

“I love my partner, but…”

Vanessa specializes in working with clients who are exploring a wide range of issues including:



Sexual Orientation
Relationship Issues


Trauma, Grief and Loss

“Why did this happen and 
why can’t I get past it?”

When experiencing loss or trauma, it can feel like you'll never be “normal” again. Whether someone is experiencing the death of a loved one or pet, a serious medical concern, domestic violence, or PTSD, it's possible through therapy to come to terms with loss and begin taking steps to move forward in life. 

Life Purpose, Career & Transitions

“Is this what I’m supposed 
  to be doing with my life?”

It can be hard to identify exactly what would bring us the most fulfillment. Vanessa helps clients gain clarity about the big picture and make courageous and meaningful changes when it comes to work, love, life decisions and new experiences.

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